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This a monthly gathering via zoom for those who seeking to learn ancient teachings as well as modern psychology to help them on their path of growth and development. 

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This call for anyone who is seeking to grow, but perhaps doesn't know where to begin, or has questions regarding the programs. 


 One Thought Growth, led by Zach Pontrello, is a community and set of tools, practices, and teachings for the world’s most determined individuals who want to discover their purpose and step into their true power.


If you’ve been dabbling around or are already on a path of growth, and you are looking to take everything to the next level, then One Thought Growth is designed specifically for you. 

The One Thought Growth philosophy is simple

When you know what's worth taking the time to LEARN and it is presented in a way in which you

can actually ASSIMILATE it, then your entire life EXPERIENCE changes.


Simply put: you transform.

Here, you will be given all the tools necessary to rapidly grow and develop into the human being that that you dream of and deserve. As I like to say: you will unlock the Hero within.


Everything is designed to help you with these three elements. We do so by synergizing ancient wisdom with contemporary teachings, and merging the mind and the heart. 

At One Thought Growth, we work hard to provide you with the guidance

and practices that work, so you don’t have to waste anymore time.

What I do.


I help you discover your inner purpose and empower you to embody it.


Here's how:

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Discover your Soul's Archetypes and unique energy. 


1:1 Coaching

For the individual who is seeking to make life shifting changes.


the academy

For the individual who wants to take their life to the next level.

Learn the wisdom of the ancients, and
discover the Hero within.

Harness your mind, let go of shame, discover your purpose, step into your true power... and live a life of massive personal freedom.


"Simply put, One Thought Growth has changed my life.
Before talking with Zach, life was different. Now, I feel like I am far better off with living a much more positive and energetic life that I knew I could live. The tools that I have learned from him over the past year have been life changing and I will be forever grateful to him. Thoughtful and genuine conversations with Zach paired with insightful OTG YouTube videos help with resolving whatever negative thoughts you may have.
Take the leap and reach out to Zach at OTG, you wont be disappointed with the results."

—  David W.

"Just had my first session with Zach and I must say that my mind is blown! I have worked with other coaches in the past but the way he was able to read my situation and actually guide me down a path that fits my objective was incredible. He's super patient and cares when he speaks to you, you feel like you get his full attention and he really is on a mission to help you become the best version of yourself. He also helped me define my purpose and created a blueprint on how I could develop the skills that would help me achieve my goals in a short period of time. This was definitely the guidance I needed coming from 2020 into the new year! It was such a pleasure working with him and I definitely will be coming back! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"

—  Imad Jbara

"There are countless things to recommend about One Thought Growth but one thing I love is that it is such an incredible new way to connect people from all over the world. There really are only positive things you can say about Zach and the new journey he is on to teach people about spirituality and helping others in the community.
Zach has so many wonderful things to offer when it comes to anyone looking to start meditating or continue their meditation practices. He is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to understanding the realm of spirituality and how to navigate it.
Before I started speaking with Zach, I often found myself getting caught up in the negativity that seems to be inescapable all around us. It was causing me to experience anxiety issues and Zach was able to help me get a new perspective on MY life and the journey right in front of my eyes and I couldn’t be more thankful! Since then I have had a refreshed purpose in my day to day tasks and an open mind to a world full of new possibilities and its only been a few short weeks, I can’t wait to see where this goes in the coming months!
In conclusion Zach is extremely qualified in his teachings and has such a unique way of going about giving you the information you’re searching for in addition to understanding it and being able to use them as tools in your own life! Take a leap of faith and message Zach to start your path to an amazing new journey. I promise you will not regret it!

—  Jared V.

"My experience with Zach Pontrello and One Thought Growth was life changing. I had several sessions with Zach over the course of a couple months. Zach uses a number of different techniques to better understand and connect with you. Some of these techniques include astrological charts, energy readings, life coaching, avidly listening, and providing guidance with practical suggestions and ideas you can easily implement. He ultimately helped me find purpose and meaning in many different areas of my life - career, relationships, launching my own business, and self love. Whether you are looking to reduce anxiety and stress, overcome obstacles & challenges, find your purpose in life, or be a better you - Zach at One Thought Growth is the way to go!

—  Brittney M.

"A few weeks back I had a session with Zach Pontrello, since there are a number of big decisions currently going on in my life! Zach is such a gentle, grounded and connected soul who really makes you feel like everything will be okay. He has a warm demeanor and you can tell he really cares about each and every one of his clients. 
It's normal for us to lose faith in ourselves from time to time, its part of the human process. But when those moments strike, make sure to look towards Zach. His energy (and ability to hold space for others) is unparalleled and I could not recommend him enough if you're looking to take steps into the coaching space!"

—  Christina S.

"I have many things to recommend about One Thought Growth. 
Zach is very dedicated to his studies, teachings and raising the collective consciousness. 
I have attended many of his classes including a meditation one. If you are new to meditation or seeking to improve your practice you are in the right place. Not only he will provide you with great information but also with practical ways to achieve your goals. 
If you're seeking genuine guidance to realign yourself with your true purpose, I highly recommend the Coaching One on One sessions which will surely support and empower you in reaching your personal goals and fullest potential.  
I really appreciate weekly content posted on One Thought Growth YouTube Channel as well! Thank you very much!"

"Zach and I had a discovery call and he was unbelievably attentive and supportive! I was SO appreciative of his kindness and guidance, especially around exploring plant medicine. Zach has a beautiful energy about him that makes you feel seen, validated, and heard. I immediately felt like I could open up to him.

Zach has devoted his life to deepening his individual consciousness and assisting others in raising their vibration on their spiritual path. I would recommend Zach to anyone who is looking for a powerful male coach who is divinely guided by his intuition!"

—  Dayane Araujo

—  Zanny Anderson


"I’ve only ever touched the surface of astrology, knowing my “big three”, but very little on what that meant about me.

Zachary gave me such a comprehensive look into my chart, validating even the slightest nuance in my character, my dreams, my inner workings, even my shortcomings, all in a way that felt empathetic and encouraging.

Opening himself up with such humility, he asked all the right questions and created a safe space where I felt welcome to speak from the heart.

Our talk felt more like an encounter of old friends. His intuitive guidance was always spot on, and I could feel he genuinely and fully understood me through my chart. To learn so much of me would be written out in the stars like that, through this ancient practice, was incredibly life affirming."

"I saw One Thought Growth in my newsfeed at what seemed to be the perfect time. This past year has been filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. With this, I’ve let my mind run wild and created less than ideal thought patterns. Those have caused me to feel and react in ways I realize I want and need to change. 
Zach reassured me I was heading down the right path and seeking out the appropriate tools. He provided amazing insight and in depth explanations to why I was hitting these brick walls in my progress. 
I’m so happy I reached out to One Thought Growth. I’d like everyone to know speaking to Zach, even if it’s just to learn more about what his mission is and ask some questions, is worth the few minutes out of your day. It may even serve as the catalyst for change you’ve been looking for!"

—  Vinícius Bulhões

—  Amory G.


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